We Can Be the Change We Need

Scott & Marco

Marco and I are members of the Table at Central UMC. We got pulled into the Methodist Pride Collective almost by accident.

A few churches had decided to band together to attend Sacramento Pride in reaction to the “Traditional Plan” being passed at the UMC General Conference. This plan penalizes queer clergy, and makes it easier to punish them and their allies who perform same sex weddings.

We were asked to co-ordinate with the group to encourage members of The Table to attend, and we ended up having the biggest contingent in the parade in 2019.

When Doug Treadwell asked us to continue meeting with the group, we jumped at the chance. We still have lots of work to do, and having an inter-church working group seemed like a great way to leverage the goodwill of these organizations to do good in Sacramento’s queer communities.

We are thrilled to be a part of this group, and are looking forward to what it will become and the great things it will do.

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